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Renewing Sunless Exfoliator

Exfoliate - Option 1

Renewing Sunless Exfoliator can be used anytime prior to your self-tanning or spray application. Gentle sulfate-free body exfoliator formulated for optimal sunless tanning results.

EXMITT Body Buff

Exfoliate - Option 2

The Exmitt is a convenient, fuss-free way to gently exfoliate the skin and balance pH levels prior to a sunless tan application. The elimination of dead skin cells along with the boost of amino acid levels maximizes tanning results.

Skin Renewing Body Butter

Tan Extender - Bronzer Free

Delivers immediate and long lasting results by using non-greasy, ultra rich formulation to maintain moisture levels after spray tan.

Prolong Sunless Color Extending Lotion

Tan Extender - with Bronzer

Norvell’s #1 selling daily moisturizer is designed to moisturize while extending and building self-tanning color. Prolong gradually develops sunless color intensity over multiple applications. As a tan fades, Prolong darkens the new skin to create a more seamless transition until the next sunless tan.

Self Tanning Mist For Face

Face & Touch Up

Specially crafted for use as a touch-up or between tans, Self Tanning Mist for Face contains a blend of instant and long lasting bronzers.

Self Tanning Mousse

Full Body

An easy to apply, super-fine self tan mousse that delivers just off the beach color at any angle. Light-weight velvety mousse, infused with natural ingredients to protect and nourish a long lasting tan.

PH Balancing Shower Cleanser


Clean while keeping your glow! This multi tasking, sulfate-free formula won’t fade your tan too soon. Moisture-rich, to gently cleanse while balancing the skin’s pH level for optimal self-tanning results.

Sunless Applicator Mitt



Whether applying self tanning Mousse, Lotion or Spray, the Norvell Applicator Mitt is the perfect tool. Ideal for a flawless all-over application, or blending at the wrists, elbows, and knees, this handy mitt can be used again and again. 

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