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If you are looking to start a business in a rewarding, dynamic industry with the support and resources of a successful Corporate Team, then iTAN Lounge franchise is the opportunity for you!


If you are interested in owning a franchise of iTAN Lounge or buying a single tanning bed or booth for your Beauty Salon, Gym, Health Club, Hotel or Spa; please drop us an email with your complete details on:

Why would someone choose a franchise versus going into the business by themselves?


Established Concept

The concept and reputation are already established; this gives you a head start against someone who is opening a business as an independent.


Comparative Assessment

Having the ability to gauge your performance against other similar salons can be very valuable for future decision-making purposes.



You will receive the direct benefit from our testing of new products and services. Once a new product or method has been fully tested the information will be proactively shared with all franchise owners.



The opportunity to have your own business, but not being in business alone can have great rewards. Franchising can provide personal growth and advancement in business knowledge and skills by learning from the corporate office as well as other franchise owners. The opportunity to network and build a strong alliance with other members is priceless.



Whether it is technical, operational or managerial, the franchiser can be counted on to lend the assistance when needed. Plus, it is always nice to have someone knowledgeable to brainstorm with for new ideas and suggestions.


Experience and Knowledge

The experience and knowledge of the franchiser’s management team increases the potential for success. With a franchise you automatically have an experienced partner to help you.



Franchisers set standards and guidelines that must be followed. This helps to maintain the quality and integrity of a concept and system.



Developing a business plan is a critical part of a businesses success. The franchiser can help you develop your plan.


Start Up Services


There are so many variables in getting your business up and running that it can be extremely frustrating, time consuming, and costly if you have not done this before. The franchiser has a great deal of experience that will reduce or eliminate costly mistakes that can delay or prohibit the opening of a new business.


Market Analysis


It will be important that you locate your iTAN Lounge in the right market to put you on the path of success. We will work with you to ensure that the market selected will meet specific criteria already established.


Site Search Assistance


We will be able to help guide you on finding the best site for your salon. Along with a comprehensive guide, our personal assistance in lease negotiations will help get you the best site and accommodations for your money.


Salon Design & Construction

iTAN Lounge has invested a great deal of time and money in developing a unique and sophisticated design that will enhance the tanning experience of all our customers. The salon design was developed with an ease of installation and set up in mind. This new construction method helps cut down the time and costs of site build-out so you can get your salon up and operational in the quickest time possible.



Being a part of the iTAN Lounge franchise system allows you to take advantage of the many marketing/advertising items used. The exposure you gain by being a member of our franchise would normally not be affordable if you had to support these efforts by yourself. Along with providing various programs and materials for you, we encourage our owners to work with us in developing a personalized marketing/advertising strategy plan that you can implement in your own market. These efforts will compliment and enhance what the corporate office is already providing.


Purchasing Power

We have developed relationship with vendors and suppliers of the products and equipment you will need for your salon. We have worked hard to cultivate these relationships that will ultimately better serve the needs of our franchise owners.


Continuing Communication

Part of being involved in a franchise is having the opportunity to learn from other industry experts and franchise owners. As an iTAN Lounge franchise owner, you will have access to a variety of communication programs provided by the corporate office. Our goal is to share as much information with you in order to facilitate best practices, marketing and sales tactics that work, new industry news, legal issues that involve the tanning industry and any issue that makes running your business easier and more profitable for you!


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