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01. What is beauty light?

Originally developed by NASA to improve wound healing and tissue growth in space- as well as helping tired, fatigued astronauts on their return to earth- collagen light is photo bio stimulation by exposure to lights in the red and infrared wavelength.

Beauty light is a technology that has both cosmetic and healing properties. The word ‘healing’ is defined as ‘the natural process by which the body repairs itself.’ That is exactly what happens when the body is exposed to red light or collagen wavelengths.

02. What does a beauty lightbed do? 

​It naturally stimulates the production of collagen and elastin in the body and increases circulation by the formulation of new capillaries which speed up the healing process in damaged skin.

03. What is collagen and elastin? 

​Collagen is the protein that connects and supports your bodily tissues such as: skin, bones, teeth etc. Elastin is the protein that provides the skin with flexibility and firmness?

04. Why should I rejuvenate the collagen and elastin in my body?

​Because as we age, the Collagen and Elastin production levels decline and therefore result in the skin becoming weaker and thinner which leads to wrinkles, fine lines, age spots etc.

05. What is beauty light bed used for?

Certain kinds of light are good for us. Just as plants convert light into energy, human skin cells are stimulated by light to heal and improve their performance. As we age, our cells begin to perform poorly and our skin loses its youthful appearance. This means we take longer to heal, our skin sags, and our body begins to ache. Collagen bed helps with these processes.

06. How does it work?

Red Light emits wavelengths between 630-660 nm (nanometres) and can penetrate deep into the layer of the skin, energizing the fibroblast cells that make collagen and elastin. This is how the skin repairs damages and rejuvenates itself. The visible benefits of red light therapy, such as reduced wrinkles and firmer skin may seem like just a cosmetic enhancement, but it’s actually the result of your body healing itself. Red Light targets and treats the entire face and body because the treatment is done in a full-sized bed or stand-up.

07. How often should I use a beauty light bed?


Results will not be achieved in just a few or occasional sessions. We strongly recommend 2 to 3 sessions per week. Continuous use accelerates cellular activity and fuels the collagen and elastin process. After your first 12 weeks, we recommend 1-2 sessions per week thereafter.

08. Does beauty light bed equally well on all skin types?

Everyone’s skin is different. Some individuals show dramatic results quickly, while others may show less visible results over longer periods of exposure. The collagen bed is safe and effective for all skin types and colors. The main prerequisite is that skin be clean for effective light transmission.

09. Who is it suitable for?

It is particularly beneficial for people over the age of 25. At this age, the body gradually loses the ability to make youthful collagen; hence our appearance starts to show signs of aging.

10. When will I see results?

Changes occur naturally over a period of weeks. Everyone reacts differently, depending on their age and the condition of their skin. Generally, the best results are achieved over a 12-week period. Howbeit, a healthy lifestyle contributes to any results. Therefore, we recommend to eat healthy, drink plenty of water to hydrate skin, exercise regularly, sleep between 6 to 8 hours a day and detox your body by removing toxins such as caffeine, alcohol, & nicotine.

11. How long will results last?

Results depend on the length of treatment & the original conditions being treated. Skin rejuvenation is a dynamic process. If maintenance treatments are discontinued, a gradual loss of results will occur over time, as with normal skin aging.

12. Do I need to use any creams in combination with a beauty light bed?

To enhance the results, we advise using the iRenew Face and Body Skin Cell Rejuvenator lotion. The clear transparent formula allows all the collagen stimulating rays to penetrate and renew your skin.

To maintain the results, we advise using the iRenew Face and Body Skin Cell Maintainer lotion. It helps to maintain the skin’s collagen and elastin for firmer, youthful looking skin.

13. Can normal sun cosmetics be used together with the beauty light bed, and what about day creams or body lotions?

For optimum effect you should remove make-up and cosmetics. Unknown cosmetics might contain ingredients which could trigger light sensitive reactions. Normal sun cosmetics should not be used.


The use of normal day cream/body lotion after a beauty light bed session is not necessary, but will not have any negative effect on the results.

Some possible negative effects of ingredients (e.g. silicon oils: block the pores and prevent the skin breathing - or parabens: act like hormones and change the skin reactions) may cancel out the effects of collagen bed.

14. Can I take a shower after a session?

Yes, this will not affect the results in any way.

15. Is a beauty light bed safe?

Beauty light bed has no known side effects and has been used for a number of years now. The red light penetrates tissue delivering energy to stimulate a response from the body to heal itself.

16. Will the beauty light bed light tan me?

No, it is totally UV free and will not tan you.

17. What is the difference between a beauty light and tanning bed?

The “beauty light” bed has been specially designed with collagen lamps that enable you to get a concentrated dose of red light to your body.

18. Can I use the beauty light bed if I have a pacemaker?

Please consult with a physician before starting any treatment.

19. Will beauty light bed help with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)?

The red light as well as other light therapies, has been proven to improve Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).

20. Will the beauty light bed sessions interfere with or be affected by any medications I use?

Please consult your physician before using a collagen bed if you are photo-allergic, suffer from porphyria or epilepsy, take cortisone or steroid injections, use medication or that may cause light sensitivity. These may include some antibiotics, tetracycline, digoxin, some tranquilizers, sulfa drugs, & oral anti-diabetics.

21. Can I use the beauty light bed if I have a sensitive skin?

In general yes, however, if you have a severe skin condition(s), we advise consulting your doctor/dermatologist first before enjoying a session.

22. Do I need to wear eye protection during a session?

We advise using the goggles that come with your session. The light emitted by the lamps in the collagen bed are very bright and may be uncomfortable for some individuals with sensitivities to light.

23. Can I wear my clothes in the beauty light bed?

The skin that you wish to be treated should be fully exposed to the light.

24. Can I have a session after or during a permanent hair removal treatment?

Permanent hair removal is carried out using a substantial input of light energy in the form of strong light beams. This irritates the skin and causes a change in its light tolerance. For safety reasons, for at least 48 hours before and at least 48 hours after light-based hair removal you should not be exposed to any red light treatment.

25. What about recent tattoos, piercings, liposuction or peeling?

In order to completely eliminate any risk of infection, if you have open wounds, new or inflamed tattoos, piercings etc. you should wait until they have fully healed.


Unlike with tanning beds, piercings should not be removed to avoid any physical irritation of the pierced opening which might occur e.g. with newly healed piercings (reactivation).


A gentle peeling before the collagen session provides the perfect complement, as it improves penetration into the skin.

26. What do I need to look out for with varicose veins/spider veins?

The presence of varicose veins and spider veins does not prevent using the red light treatment. But there is no history of red light treatment improving them.

27. Does beauty light bed treat cellulite or stretch marks?

There are no studies suggesting that cellulite is treatable with collagen bed, although many individuals have shown improvement in stretch marks when using red light therapy.

28. Does beauty light bed treat acne, age spots and sun damage?

The red light helps remove the bacteria that causes acne, and generates cellular activity that deals with age spots and sun damage. Collagen bed brightens skin and reduces the formation of pigmentation marks. Some people have had dramatic reductions in acne and acne scaring. Age spots require longer term exposure and therapy.

29. Is beauty light bed good for joints?

It can have a beneficial effect for a variety of conditions such as Arthrosis and Osteoporosis. It contributes to flexibility and suppleness. Without Collagen joints become stiff and painful. Athletes often use supplements containing Collagen for this reason.

30. What is the difference between Beauty Light bed, LED (light emitting diode), IPL (intense pulsed light) and Laser Therapy?

Beauty Light bed uses red light fluorescent lamps to penetrate the whole body and is affordable, non-invasive, natural, pain-free and does not cut, burn or break the skin to get the desired results.

LED Therapy uses light emitting diodes which typically penetrate the face only, and cast light in just one direction, at a very narrow angle, therefore requiring longer session times. It is also a very expensive treatment.

IPL Therapy can only be applied by a professional, who uses an IPL machine, to penetrate certain areas of the body with an intense heat to clear specific areas of the body. It is also a very expensive treatment and is not 100% pain free.


Laser Therapy can only be applied by a professional, who uses a carbon dioxide laser, to vaporise upper layers of the skin, so that new skin reforms, and is typically very invasive, painful and extremely costly with regards to other light treatments.

31. How old do I have to be to use beauty light bed?

​​You must be eighteen (18) years of age or older.



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